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Bassics 4 new Bass pedals are shipping


Renowned British studio equipment engineer Malcolm Toft is the design guru behind the new Bassics range of bass amplification

Following feedback from users of the BPA-01 floor pre-amp, Bassics announced two amps for 2018. The A900 is a no-frills compact 900W power amp with level control, signal level indicator and balanced input, and is an ideal partner to the BPA-1. The A900 is very light and has practical tilt feet to make it easier to stand on top of speaker cabinets with handles and is expected to retail for £525.

The AH900 integrated bass amp head also includes the tilt legs alongside other features that bass players have asked for. These include auxiliary inputs in both mini and standard on the back with their own level control, plus mini and standard sockets for headphone outputs on the front. The 900 Watt amp features illuminated controls, has a studio quality compressor and three-band EQ, all of which can be bypassed. This one has a retail price of £649 and Bassics had pre-production models available to try at the show.

Also launched were four new pedals. All will retail for less than £200 each and have a unique feature in that they will work with any power supply from 9-18 volts, A.C. or D.C. and any polarity. The compressor pedal is a studio quality VCA with a sound much like the revered dbx160, Bassics says. The distortion pedal can be switched to ‘hard’ or ‘soft’, with the hard setting adding extra harmonics.

The new EQ pedal, meanwhile, uses the high-quality electronics from the Bassics BPA-01. The Bassics Pre-Amp pedal offers extra benefits over most other floor pre-amps, the maker says, in that it not only has two switchable separate inputs but can be combined in ‘mix mode’ so you can plug two instruments in at the same time and control each level, making it ideal for using with two instruments. It also has a studio-grade balanced DI output plus a headphone jack so it can be used as for practicing.

August 2018 : The AH900 and A900 are now shipping    

THE AH900 Front panel 800w in to 4Ω Studio quality EQ and high end compressor    Made in the UK

THE AH900 Connectivity

THE A900  800w slave amp    

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